AUS PAPER CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of A4 copy paper in Thailand. Founded in 1994, have more than 25 years experience in paper milling and exportation. We manufacture and supply A4 copy paper to almost all countries in the world. After 25 years of development, we have formed a full production line from paper pulping to paper making.

AUS PAPER CO., LTD. – The copier paper supplier of choice

AUS PAPER CO., LTD. has been doing its bit in the papermaking industry for 26 years. From humble origins in Thailand in 1994 to today’s supreme market position – we’ve always been pushing the boundaries to satisfy the most demanding needs and wants. Over the years, we’ve been accumulating experience to become the world’s top-rated copier paper manufacturer. And our own technology, production line and well-organised distribution network have already empowered us to do that.

As of now, AUS PAPER CO., LTD. is a trusted name whenever it comes to A4 copier paper for sale. We carry a plethora of brands, such as Typek, Double A, Mondi Rotatrim, Chamex and more. Being a recognised distributor of these involves living up to the highest expectations – and we pride ourselves on going beyond them.

The best copy paper backed by multistep quality control

The quality of the A4 paper should never be downplayed. It’s used for reading, printing and copying, which is why everything from its opacity to its whiteness matters. Depending on your needs, you may be looking for A4 with better printability features or non-glare options that facilitate learning. Whatever the case, AUS PAPER CO., LTD. is ready to deliver.

With us, there’s no way you get wholesale copy paper that is less than the best. We vouch for this by implementing a rigorous quality control system aimed at:

  • checking every single tree and log for possible flaws
  • sticking to systematic pulp-producing processes, including milling
  • inspecting chips and fibres
  • ensuring the compliance of pulp and sheets with international standards
  • maintaining decent storage conditions for all the products to be exported
  • keeping up with widely accepted sustainability practices

We also focus on staff training to reinforce our commitment to being the leading copy paper manufacturer. By encouraging the acquisition of new skills in our employees, we strive to maximise production performance, trim costs for our customers and enhance pulping processes. To us, this is the only way forward.

Shipping capabilities and prices

Whether you need wholesale copy paper for business letterheads or commercial inkjet printing, you can’t afford to wait months for it to arrive. With AUS PAPER CO., LTD., you don’t have to. Teaming up with the world’s top logistics and shipping companies enables us to meet any of your export needs fast. Maersk, COSCO, TMC-LLOYD and other partners of ours are known for quick global deliveries, no matter the volume. Rest assured that you will get your A4 paper without delays.

If you’re here to dive deeper into copy paper prices, you’re a moment away from being wowed. Because we allow for bulk buying and home in on global markets, we offer amazing deals for all A4 options in the assortment. You can order them in tonnes while knowing we can handle it.

Please submit your enquiry to request more information on pricing or buy copy paper online. Our staff will help you get a handle on packaging details and shipment intricacies while guiding you through the delivery process.

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In quality assurance, a constant effort in us to produce and enhance the quality practices in our organization.

With our in-house testing and analytical laboratory to make sure all our finished A4 papers products meets the international Standard (ISO).

In combination with SGS’s existing operations, this further strengthens our global leading position in exportation and distribution and best quality papers.



Rely on AUS PAPER CO., LTD. shipping partnerships with leading freight companies like Maersk, TMC Lloyd, CMA-CGM, MSC and COSCO for your fast goods shipping.


AUS PAPER CO., LTD. uses the latest technology from its paper productions right up to distributions network such as to facilitate its international market demand.


To Crown it all, customer support is numbered one of our competitive market advantage as we have a support crew of 27 staffs on stand-by to answer all your queries.