Double A Copy Paper A4 80GSM 102-104%

Double A is developed for the most demanding inkjet and laser printers as well as low/high volume copiers and fax machines in order to meet the demands on printability and runnability. The paper has omni-direction copying ability. The paper is also suitable for preprint in offset. We are the best double a a4 paper distributor in Thailand.



A wide variety of double a a4 copy paper options are available to you, such as; A4, A3, and B4. You can also let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll try our best to meet them accordingly. Not interested in double a a4 copy paper? select brand here.

Double A Copy Paper has an extra-smooth surface and is whiter, brighter, thicker and cleaner for an all-round quality finish. Double A Copy Paper is also an environmentally friendly option that is produced from fast-growing farmed trees and uses fewer resources to produce than recycled paper.

Double A Copy Paper A4 80Gsm Distributor
Features Of A4 Double A Copy Paper 80Gsm :
Substance G/M2 80 + – 2.5
– Substance Variation Cd
– Thickness Difference Cd % Equal To/Below 10
– Brightness % 100-102
– Opacity % Equal To/Below 90
– Breaking Length Average M Equal To/Above 3200 8 Smoothness Average Of Two Sides G 20-25 Variation Of Two Sides % Equal To/Below 30
– Surface Absorbing Weight G/M2 Equal To/Below 30
– Shrinking Variation Cd % Equal To/Below 2.8
– Folding Endurance Cd Times Equal To/More Than 15
– Dirt (0.2-1.5 Mm2) Point/M2 Equal To/Below 65 More Than. 5Mm2 0
– Moisture Content % 4.5-6.0
– Ash % Equal To/Below 16.0
– Sizing Mm Equal To/More Than 0.75Mm
– Substance :80G/M2
– Brightness : 100%
– Whiteness : Cie 167
– Thickness : 110 Um
– Opacity : 95%
– Roughness : 140 Ml/Min
– Sheets/Reem : 500 Sheets
– Quality / Safety Certification

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All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to our bank account, the order will ship after the payment received in our bank account, and to handle any misunderstanding both for sales and customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us through phone and/or email after you have make a payment. Also email us with the scan proof of the payment by your bank, so we can released your order immediately to be shipped. You are responsible for all bank transfer fees, shipping costs and insurance. we will ship your order once your payment is received.​


NB: There will be no delivery until cleared funds are received and confirmed.​

FYI: (Please note that we cannot accept payment by Amex, Mastercard, Visa or Maestro except for LOCAL ORDERS).


We are extremely pleased and proud to welcome any customer who wishes to visit our factory and/or office as part of the partnership business in the long term. Please let us know your schedules 5 days in advance to prepair and setup your appoinment, after proved our products, then confirm your order and deposit at least 40% of TPI PAID by cash in our office. Order will be prepared and sheduled immediately for shipment.

NB: We offer huge discount on all WHOLESALE ORDERS depending on the volume of customer orders.​


Goods Delivery

Rossukthai Delivery Capabilities

All our printing copier papers are widely appreciated for its consistent good quality with perfection. ROSSUKTHAI has been serving its esteemed worldwide customers with integrity and pride for more than two decades now. Apart from delivering products on our own innovative supply capabilities, our company supplies copier papers exactly as per customer specifications and expectations. Which also counts as one of our competitive market advantage.


All the products at ROSSUKTHAI are thoroughly checked on the quality parameters for the international market in accordance with the ISO and SGS diligent requirements.


We specialize in Private Label Manufacturing and Distributions, at present we export and deliver our papers products worldwide with about 700,000 tonnes shipped yearly, while relying on our main capital markets in Kuwait, UAE, USA, Latin America, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and East Africa and growing everyday.


UK and East Europe is our area of Focus in the recent years as the copier paper market seems to boom in those areas apparently and we look forward to working with one or two importer distributors, to meet their wide variety of requirements as per buyers specification, on long term annual contract terms.


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